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The Orthodox Church.com Now Online

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This is the long-time home for the online writings of the Orthodox Church. We've been writing about The Orthodox Church centuries making it one of the oldest common discussions on the planet. Now we'll take it to the web and weblogs in the blogosphere. This place is our version of talk radio. We'll yap about anything from Ecumenical movements, to technology and faith, to books and culture, politics and news of the day but the Orthodox Faith and Tradition are TOCís lifeblood. We're news junkies who loves to spout off.
         Comments are encouraged. We'll read as many comments as we can even if we donít take part in all discussions. Please, be respectful of others, be intellectually honest, and keep the foul language to yourselves. We welcome spirited discussion. It keeps us on our toes, and through it we all learn from each other. We ask for your patience and prayers as the web team is small for now, but with your support we will grow. We ask for your prayers. Any and all profits from sales on this website go to various Orthodox Charities, these will be listed and detailed (as we make some money).

The Ecumenical Movement
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An Autocephalous Church of America?
How and why?
Read the history

History of the Ecumenical Movement
Has the time come?

Patriarchal Interventions
How relevant are they?

Orthodoxy in America Today
Who's who and what are they doing?
Does SCOBA really work?




The Orthodox Church
Community Center
Sophia, Agape, Koinoinia, Martyria, Lirturgia, Diakonia,
Agiographia, Ekona, Ereni

Sophia (Wisdom)
Word of the Week

hardscrabble \HARD-skrab-uhl\, adjective:
1. Yielding a bare or meager living with great labor or difficulty.
2. Marked by poverty.


Agape (Love)
Quote of the Week

"The gathering together of Orthodox faithful into one flock under the leadership of a single powerful leader, who would be carrying out the agenda of a particular government, will unavoidably lead the Church into becoming nothing more than an organ of that government, and not the means by which mankind achieves salvation."


Koinoinia (Community)
Site of the week Nominate one


Martyria (Witness)
Person of the week Nominate someone


Liturgia (Worship)
Community of the week Nominate one


Diakonia (Service)



Agiographia (Holy writing)
Saint bio of the week

Ekona (Icon)
Icon of the Week

14th century
Theotokos w Christ

Ereni (Peace)
Inspirational painting of the Week

17th century
Ecco Homo

Orthodox Feasts

Sunday of Orthodoxy                     February 25

Sunday of St. Gregory Palamas        March 4

Sunday of the Holy Cross                March 11

Sunday St John Climacus                 March 18

The Annunciation                             March 25

Sat of Lazarus                                  March 31

Palm Sunday                                      April  1

Holy Monday                                     April 2

Holy Tuesday                                     April 3

Holy Wednesday                                April 4

Holy Thursday                                    April  5

Holy Friday                                         April 6

Holy Saturday                                    April 7

Pascha                                               April 8

Bright Week                                      April 9-16

Sts Raphael Nicholas Irene         Bright Tuesday

Life Giving Spring                                 April 13

Saint George                                         April 23

Currently under construction

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"Those who speak of a 3rd Rome are totally unsuited to hold leadership positions in the Orthodox Church, because they will play a role in transforming her from a Christ-worshipping faith to a feudalistic organization based upon the exercise of raw power." 

Pray for our Holy Patriarchs


"The Church of Moscow was the Church of the Czarist Empire, and her role within Orthodoxy has diminished as a result of the termination of that Empire; this has resulted in the Patriarchate becoming increasingly animated by Ethnophyletism."




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